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Month: February 2018

Hyperhidrosis – A silent handicap

Hyperhidrosis is both a social and physical problem, but at specialized sweat receptions there is assistance. Hyperhidrosis affects men of all ages. Problems with excessive sweating often cause a social disability that can affect self-esteem and govern vital life choices, such as career choice or choice of partner.

Many hyperhidrosis patients are ashamed of their symptoms and suffer completely unnecessarily

In the United States, about one percent suffer from hyperhidrosis. It is hereditary; therefore, those with problems with abundant sweating in the family should be particularly attentive. For men with hyperhidrosis, the inconvenience may increase when hormone levels change in connection with puberty and the “male menopause” at the age of 70. I spoke to a doctor specialized in this field.

“Many hyperhidroïdic patients are ashamed of their symptoms and are completely unnecessary. No one will have to stand out or limit his life due to hyperhidrosis. The complaints can be treated relatively easily on a specialized sweat reception. In Sweden, there are currently two such receptions, “said Karl Martin, chief physician.

A silent handicap that can be treated effectively
People with general hyperhidrosis sweat from large body surfaces, such as head, chest and back. Exercise and heat are generally factors that hyperhidrosis patients are having difficulty because it increases sweating. Even easier effort, such as a short walk or cleaning, can cause a person with hyperhidrosis to sweat excessively. Those who sweat when others usually do not sweat feel uncomfortable.

After the first reading, 90 percent are satisfied

The most effective form of treatment is botulinum toxin, a relatively new form of treatment that alleviates sweating between three and twelve months for ninety percent of patients.

– Botulinum toxin causes few, local and transient side effects. After first reading, 90 percent are satisfied, sweating normally or not at all over the treated area. Patients are excitedly happy and will happily return a couple of times a year until the disability hopefully goes over.

Find qualified care at a specialist reception
Hyperhidrosis often constitute a major social disability, many who have suffered are planning their entire existence based on the disease. Patients often spend a lot of time and care on planning how to conceal the problems and handle their sweating when in social situations.

The knowledge of hyperhidrosis is unfortunately too low
“The knowledge of hyperhidrosis is unfortunately too low among doctors around the country. This makes patients who take courage and dare to seek medical attention many times denied treatment or diagnosed as overweight or mentally ill, even though the problem is not due to obesity or mental illness. My advice to patients who do not get the right help is to contact a specialized Sweat Reception.

Treatment for hyperhidrosis at the dentist – Behandling for hyperhidrose hos tannlegen

Being sick of our illness is no longer so stigmatizing. Many people understand that there is nothing to control. In addition, today there are many treatments that can eliminate the whole problem in just a few hours. Thanks to the research on the disease, treatment is now so simple that it can be carried out at dental clinics. So suddenly, a specialist is not required to get rid of sweating due to our illness.

I live in Oslo and there are about 20 different qualified dental clinics within reach of where I live. I myself go to a dentist in the room. I found this by searching for dentists in Oslo and found the Rommen Tannlegesenter which also had time that week. They were very friendly and professional. During the phone call, they built my trust and insured that the treatment is something they do two, three times a week. Many people usually get there at the same time to fix their teeth or bleach their teeth and also receive this treatment when they are still under anesthesia.

As I said, I was quite close to it for a while, and I have previously told my dentist fear, but this time it was still okay. I would not do the treatment for the teeth, but for my sweating.

When I got there they were still incredibly professional. They took me very quickly to their own room when they realized that I was nervous. Then I had to take off my clothes and put on a patient gown, one that has it completely open there behind. Pretty soon they picked me up and took me to the treatment room where I lay on my back on a bed. Then I got anesthesia. “Count down from 10”.

I do not remember more than I counted at seven, then I was gone. When I woke up, a nurse stood over me telling me everything went well. I was a little whining yet so I asked what “good” really means. She replied that the sweat I experienced earlier will now be gone.

What they do is inject botox into the sweat pads to block the signals sent to the brain. It prevents glands from working overtime and thus avoids sweating. This is not a one-time treatment, so it’s important to find a clinic where you are comfortable.

In any case, I have found right and will go back.

Å være syk av vår sykdom er ikke lenger så stigmatiserende. Mange forstår at det ikke er noe å kontrollere. I tillegg er det i dag mange behandlinger som kan eliminere hele problemet på bare noen få timer. Takket være sykdomsforskningen er behandlingen nå så enkel at den kan utføres på tannklinikker. Så plutselig er det ikke nødvendig med en spesialist å bli kvitt svette på grunn av vår sykdom.

Jeg bor i Oslo, og det er omtrent 20 forskjellige kvalifiserte tannklinikker innen rekkevidde av hvor jeg bor. Jeg går selv til en tannlege på Rommen. Jeg fant dette ved å søke etter tannlege Oslo og fant Rommen Tannlegesenter som også hadde tid den uken. De var veldig vennlige og profesjonelle. Under telefonsamtalen bygget de min tillit og forsikret at behandlingen er noe de gjør to, tre ganger i uken. Mange mennesker kommer vanligvis der samtidig for å fikse tennene eller bleke sine tenner og også motta denne behandlingen når de fortsatt er under anestesi.

Som jeg sa, var jeg ganske nær det en stund, og jeg har tidligere fortalt min tannlege frykt, men denne gangen var det fortsatt greit. Jeg ville ikke gjøre behandlingen for tennene, men for svette.

Da jeg kom dit var de fortsatt utrolig profesjonelle. De tok meg veldig raskt til sitt eget rom da de skjønte at jeg var nervøs. Da måtte jeg ta av klærne mine og sette på en pasientkjole, en som har den helt åpen der ute. Rett snart tok de meg opp og tok meg til behandlingsrommet der jeg lå på ryggen min på en seng. Da fikk jeg anestesi. “Count ned fra 10”.

Jeg husker ikke mer enn jeg telle til syv, så var jeg borte. Da jeg våknet sto en sykepleier over meg og sa at alt gikk bra. Jeg var litt dummen ennå, så jeg spurte hva “bra” egentlig betyr. Hun svarte at svetten jeg opplevde tidligere, nå er borte.

Det de gjør er å injisere botox i svetteputer for å blokkere signalene som sendes til hjernen. Det forhindrer kjertler i å jobbe overtid og unngår dermed svette. Dette er ikke en engangsbehandling, så det er viktig å finne en klinikk hvor du er komfortabel.

I hvert fall har jeg funnet riktig og vil gå tilbake.

This doctor knows his stuff! – Denne legen kjenner hans ting!

I don’t know how many times i’ve googled treatments for sweaty palms. A lot of times i end up in forums where Raphael Darvish name comes up. He is one the most famous and competent doctors in the field. I can’t really afford his services – and his all over there in Los Angeles – but he describes the difficulties of hyperhidrosis in a pedagogic way in text and video. Here is a video on Youtube that i recommend. It explains not only the reasons and the treatments of hyperhidrosis, but also how it effects human beings in a psychological way. Hope it gives you more knowledge!

Jeg vet ikke hvor mange ganger jeg har googlede behandlinger for svette palmer. Mange ganger ender jeg opp i fora der Raphael Darvish navn kommer opp. Han er en av de mest kjente og kompetente leger i feltet. Jeg kan egentlig ikke ha råd til hans tjenester – og hans hele der i Los Angeles – men han beskriver vanskelighetene med hyperhidrose på en pedagogisk måte i tekst og video. Her er en video på Youtube som jeg anbefaler. Det forklarer ikke bare årsakene til og behandlingene av hyperhidrose, men også hvordan det påvirker mennesker på en psykologisk måte. Håper det gir deg mer kunnskap!

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