Q. How are the levels of hyperhidrosis determined?

ANSWER: A four-point scale was recently developed for categorizing the severity of hyperhidrosis:

1. Never noticeable and never interferes with my daily activities,
2. Tolerable but sometimes interferes with my daily activities,
3. Barely tolerable and frequently interferes with my daily activities,
4. Intolerable and always interferes with my daily activities.

Q. What factors is considered when determining if a patient has a mild/moderate case of hyperhidrosis or a severe case?

ANSWER: The diagnosis of hyperhidrosis is made after considering a number of factors, including:

  • an extensive investigation of the patient’s history, examining key areas such as location of the sweating, frequency of occurrence and the extent or amount of sweat.
  • a physical examination.

Q. Why doesn’t my doctor know about the condition?

ANSWER: Hyperhidrosis is a commonly misunderstood condition, and frankly, it’s not a high profile medical condition such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Even among physicians, there is a misconception that “it’s just sweat, get over it.”